Sunday, 14 May 2017

CG Artists Toolkit: Animation & Character - Final Submission 2017

Showreel - Animation and Character from Polly Gwinnett on Vimeo.


Anatomy of a Walk Cycle-

Maya Tutorials - Final Submission 2017

Introduction to Maya 2016:

Modelling 1 - Digital Sets

Lighting and Rendering 1:

Modelling 2 - HS & Organic:

Visual Effects 2 - Deformers

Texturing 1:

Rigging and Skinning:

3D Animation 1:

Pre-Visualisation 1:

3D Animation 2 - Lip Syncing:

Life Drawing - Final Submission Portfolio + Reflective Statement 2017


Throughout this year I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring my drawing skills every week. I can see a clear improvement within my proportion and accuracy within the human body, and by exploring different ways of expression, using colour and using different materials it has allowed me to broaden my skills widely. I have really enjoyed exploring my use of composition and spacing, and I have also enjoyed exploring drawing moving figures. I think I could have maybe explored more with my materials as I felt more comfortable using pencil so I stuck to it a lot. 
I was surprised how much I enjoyed the collage one I did in the middle of the year, and I also think it turned out really nicely. Overall, I have really enjoyed the experience and hope to carry it on throughout my second and third year as I am excited to see where my personal drawing style develops.

Fantastic Voyage: Reflective Statement

This project has definitely been a tough one for me. Throughout the middle of this project I hit a massive creative block which set me back quite a lot. Personally, I think I need to put more effort into getting a project right at the beginning rather than starting to get it right at the end, when it is too late. This project challenged me in so many ways. It challenged my colour use, my script writing, my visual communication and my Maya strengths. 
            I think that my use of colour has much improved within this project, as I seem to have ditched the 'ill' and 'muddy' colour pallete that I seemed to have. I am extremely pleased that I finally managed to win the fight against colour and come out with something I am really proud of. 
       Using Maya was also tough throughout this project. Learning how to communicate what I wanted as well as keeping on track was tough, but after learning and finding out about MASH things became a little bit easier moving forward. 
         Although this project hasn't turned out exactly the way I wanted, I am really proud of what I came up with in the end. I managed to create a finished animation in the time frame despite all of the challenges I had in the making process.